Hundred to One feat. Zen Seizure

from Automatise by Djime

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Featuring vocals by Zen Seizure


Screen Stay Loading
Screen Stay Loading
My life stay loading
My Rights stay loading
Till the day I ball like my screen say Kobe 11
On the toilet die in my robe like obiwan kenobi 15
Confess before death so nobody really knows me
Until after chill rapper waiting on the game to load the next chapter
When the new game is loading for me these are the kinds of things I think
did I hear my phone go off do I want another drink of soda
until then I'm Waiting for my screen to load up so I can kill some things 13

Regular life give me that farscape feeling, so i shift my center of gravity im walking on the ceiling
My raindrops are your feelings
My feet hot stay hot till the evening
I'm greeted by snipes and plots from the greezy
I was once down with Kokiri
Until he had to say I entreat ye
Mirrors edge, see yourself/
At the precispice there wont be no health/
Looking down at the viens tracing over my hand/
Either the way I live is killing me or I'm becoming Venom from spurdermon/
Early worm writes out bird the verb a penny saved is a penny earned and a million dollars aint worth the look on your face when I pervert these probverbs
But I didn't want to live life in my head this time/
I wanted to win in real life/
Just to see what it would feel like/

Mirrors edge, see yourself/
At the precispice there wont be no health/
Looking down at the viens tracing over my hand/
Either the way I live is killing me or I'm becoming Venom from spudermon/

Embrace the depression hold on like glue
Because at least the depression wont abandon you/
Ultimate sin, counterproductive how are you privately in love with a force your publicly no longer tryna fuck with/
fuckwit fuck this maybe you are hopless/
Lay in the bed with a deathstick close your eyes and hold your breath wish so hard that you were dead/
Nothing's moving like I paused the movie the slowest music moving through me/
Everyday it's harder to start to win again/I know what my limits is/I can put a bullet in my head with or without a gun/Why am I running away there was already a song in the 80s made that clearly states the outcome/
I used to have fast legs that could get me here to there/
But I was unprepared run from someone thats not there/
That guy, didn't get away and neither will I/Even real rhymes will leave me to die unbelievably/I've been running for so long I can't remembbut a trackstar er what it feels like to be a human being/

Could I ever win
don't tell me the odds
Could I ever win
My heart is unresolved
I'm broken i see omens ill only fall
but the fact that could makes it
real and that powers my resolve

This is the damn end I transcend the framework of how rhymes are done/
I'll just overcome this dimension
go beyond this flesh prison and surpass the conventional meaning of what it means to exist and become a ray from the sun and the feeling you get when you realize an earthquake just hit/
Or the recoil you get when a turntable spin/
To learn enables win/
To win enables a new lesson to begin and that's usually not to make your victory your sin/
It's not about who you are that's just a example of what you can be more than/
I upgraded from an acordian to an organ
Zen Seizures in the house okay no he's not but I came back inside like I was never there like the mortgage/
Lyrical contortionist forlorn by wartorn cthonic forces whats the chances of him emerging through the tourney victorious?/
One orange starbust out of a possible 5 whole oranges


from Automatise, released April 27, 2019


all rights reserved



Djime Seattle, Washington

Automatise is the second full length album released by Djime, featuring two tracks with Seattle locals Zen Seizure on "Hundred to One" & Misfit Yeager on "Cold Hands".

Out of Seattle, WA. Djime is an experimental electronic project. Their style is layers of swelling guitars, high energy synths, driving bass, thick distortions, & mangled drum machine sampling.

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